Disaster Response

Disaster Response Team

For several years Creator Lutheran Church has been helping victims of natural disasters.  When Hurricane Katrina struck Mississippi we sent more than 80 volunteers over a 3 year period to help re-build the homes of those that were affected.  When a devastating tornado struck Joplin, Missouri we loaded up our chainsaws and responded to their need.  When the flooding occurred in Minot, North Dakota we sent several teams to help re-build the lives of the victims.

Victims of natural disasters are affected in many different ways, physically and emotionally.  Often we have arrived to find a homeowner depressed and quite frankly not very friendly. By the time we leave they are smiling, crying and hugging us and praising God.  God has called us (you included) to help all who are in need.  Help those in need today, for tomorrow may be too late.  Please consider being a part of this important ministry.

You can help in several different ways:

  •             Pray for the victims
  •             Pray for the safety of our volunteers
  •             Volunteer (no skills required)
  •             Donate airline miles to the volunteers so they can get there
  •             Donate money to be used on mission trips
  •             Donate gift cards for Home Depot or Lowe’s or a Visa Card

 Team Leader:  Scott Perkins