Preschool Staff

Andrea DeDominces


Andrea DeDominces has been a preschool teacher since 1999 and became co-director in 2007 and Director in 2019. She is mother to Hannah, Luke and Leah, wife to Mark and grandmother to Danielle and Bailey. Andrea enjoys gardening, camping, being with her family and working with kids.

Ragan Allen

Preschool Teacher

Ragan Allen joined the Creator preschool team in 2017. After working in the dental field, alongside her husband Micheal. She was a stay at home mom to sons, Kellen and Riley. While home with her boys, she worked to provide daycare for many families over the years and also worked as a cake designer in her cousin’s cake studio, both were great because she could have her boys with her. Her boys are now grown, so she decided to enter back into the workforce and realized kids are much less stressful than wedding cakes! In her spare time she still enjoys being creative in many forms and spending time with her family, three pugs and three cats.

Cheri Farrer

Preschool Teacher

Cheri Farrer has been a preschool teacher since fall of 2008. Cheri retired from the military in 2008 and is busy raising her teenage triplets, Chris, Cody and Jack. Cheri enjoys horseback riding, hiking, bowling with her kids, and curling up with a good book whenever possible!