Preschool Testimonials

Leaving your young children anywhere, even at school, can be scary for some parents, especially when they’re as young as preschool age. We at Creator want you to feel comfortable leaving your children at our preschool. Our teachers are caring, attentive, and responsible. Below you will find testimonials from former and current parents of children who have attended Creator Preschool.

Testimonial: Joanne Hall

Both of my daughters went to Creator Preschool from the time they were 3 until they went to kindergarten, and we loved the atmosphere, teachers, and learning environment. While my first daughter was clearly kindergarten-ready after two years, my second daughter, who has a summer birthday, was a little less obviously ready. Her teachers were open, supportive, and collaborative in the process of deciding whether she would be best served by going to kindergarten when she was 5 or waiting until she was 6. Ultimately, she attended Creator Preschool for a total of 3 years, and we are so grateful for the care her teachers took in helping us support her. She is now definitely kindergarten-ready, and it’s all because of the education and whole-child care she received at Creator. We would recommend Creator to any family who wants their children to develop kindergarten readiness in an environment that caters to many learning styles and nurtures and cares for the whole child with dedication and love. Both of my daughters were seen and valued for who they were as their own unique people, and we can’t thank Creator enough for the entire experience we all had with their wonderful preschool program.

Testimonial: Shawna Sawin

My experience with Creator Preschool has been exceptional. As a stay-at-home mom of a late summer baby, I realized my son could benefit from a year of preschool to learn social skills and get used to a scheduled learning environment. Choosing the right school for him seemed overwhelming but I am thankful we decided to enroll him at Creator. Not only is it a clean and welcoming environment, but the teachers also do a wonderful job at making learning fun for even the busiest of kids like mine. My son absolutely loved going there and all the fun lessons/activities as well as the field trips. I was fortunate to be able to volunteer in my child’s class and see first-hand how much love and effort the teachers put into each child. I would highly recommend this preschool to anyone!