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In Lutheran tradition parents often choose to present their children for the sacrament of Baptism at an early age. Baptism is understood to be a response to God’s invitation of grace, offered from the very beginning of life, even before an individual can know or understand such grace.  In Baptism each person receives the Holy Spirit and enters into the fullness of Christian life—participation in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  With the help of parents, family and the faith community, the child grows in the Spirit, maturing into an ever-deepening faith and response to God’s call.  Parents, family and the faith community are all essential in the education and nurture of children to assist them in growing up into a mature faith.

Although infant and child Baptism is very common in the Lutheran church, adult Baptism is also cherished event for the recipient and the entire congregation. The Baptism ceremony is much the same, except the baptized individual makes their own promises to deepen their faith  through participation in worship,education, and engaging in the faith community.


The Pastor will meet with the family to discuss the meaning of Baptism and the role and responsibilities of both the parents and the faith community. The Pastor and family will schedule a baptism date which is mutually agreeable. The Pastor will provide a the family with a “Welcome to the Family” baptism book for review and introduce the family to other Creator staff who will coordinate the baptism event.

Office Ministry Staff:

The Office Staff will give the family the “Baptism Information” card, which the family will return to the office. Upon receiving the completed Baptism Information card the Office Staff will contact the Baptism Coordinator. Later the Office Staff will participate in the production of the baptism bulletin, which provides information and a photo of the baptized person.

Baptism Coordinator:

Upon completion of the Baptism Information Card, the Baptism Coordinator will contact the family and will email the Baptism Information Sheet. This sheet covers a wide range of informational needs to fully prepare the family and the church for the baptism event. Biographical information and a photo is requested to create a baptism bulletin for the family and congregation. The Baptism Coordinator will assist on the morning of the Baptism with seating the family, the gathering of baptism articles (water, candle, oil, and cloth napkin) for use during the service, a reception after the service (cake is served), and then clean up.