Ministry Teams

Children, Youth, and Family

The mission of Creator’s Children, Youth, and Family Ministry team is to provide opportunities for relationship building. Through discussion of the word and sharing of fellowship we hope families will deepen their relationship with each other and to Christ. Our ministry deliberately guides young people into Christian discipleship by: Involving youth and their families in a safe and Christian community,Encouraging families to live spiritually rich, God-centered lives,And preparing young people to impact the world for Christ.


Worship at Creator is Bible focused in our words, music and teaching. Communion is available each week to remind all of God’s promises and nurture believers. Worship includes all ages with specific portions of worship directed at children for their faith growth. Worship is modern, yet maintains the Lutheran essence of theology and heritage. There are lots of opportunity for serving the Lord through music, ushering, Altar Guild and more. Team Leader: Dean Ramberg


At Creator we come together to worship, grow and serve others by the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of God.  We are a called people, gathered, enlightened and set-apart to be made holy.  What would our faith community look like if we responded fully to live for the glory of God?  What does stewardship have to do with this invitation from God? Stewardship is a joyful response to God’s call to live purposefully for Him by managing our time, talents and treasures for His glory.  Our committee is a prayer-based and focused small group committed to living

Small Groups

Small Groups Mission:  To provide opportunities for believers to gather and share in fellowship, mutual interests, and learn about God’s promises through the study of scripture and devotional books. There are currently four full-time Bible studies and one seasonal group, each featuring solid attendance and lively discussion. For contact information call the Church at 253 862-7700. Women’s Bible Study:  This Fall 2019  we’ll meet every other Monday beginning with Sept 16. at church in the Youth Room, 6:30 – 8:00 pm.  See calendar or Bible study groups for details.  Coordinated by Janice Pendergast.Men’s Fellowship: Meets every Wednesday evening at a member’s house, from 7 to 9:00pm.


Mission: To manage the church facilities for the benefit of the congregation Team Leaders: Mark Freisthler