Children, Youth and Family

The mission of Creator’s Children, Youth and Family Ministry (CYFM) team is to bring God’s children into a close relationship with God and with God’s people. Through age-appropriate sharing of the Word, fellowship, and service opportunities, we seek to deepen our children’s faith and nurture a lifelong relationship with Christ.

Our youth ministry intentionally guides young people into Christian discipleship by:

  •     Involving youth and their families in a safe Christian community,
  •     Providing opportunities for spiritual growth and maturity,
  •     Encouraging our youth to live spiritually rich, God-centered lives,
  •     And preparing our youth to impact their world for Christ.

Below you will find the different groups, teams, and offerings within the CYF Ministry Team. Click on any of the selections below to quickly navigate this page.

Get ready for FUN, FELLOWSHIP, AND FAITH FORMAITON!  If you are in grades 6, 7 or 8 (or higher if you have not already been confirmed), please join us on Wednesdays from 7:00pm-8:30 pm.  Parents are welcome.  Remember:  Friends are always welcome!

Confirmation Students will use the Student Study Bibles and “Collaborate” workbooks.

Early adolescence is an important time in the spiritual development of a child. This is a time when thinking begins to shift from concrete concepts to more abstract. The child can form their own faith questions as opposed to believing or behaving as they are expected to by adults. Peer friendships begin to have a larger impact on the thinking of early teens. The key to fostering continued faith development is to provide a safe place with a circle of peers and adults who are on a similar spiritual journey.

The Confirmation program at Creator provides such a place for adolescent spiritual growth. But not all youth who are interested in this program are required to participate in the full confirmation experience. We have plenty of teens who participate on a drop-in basis or may belong to other faith communities. We also have teens that just participate in our mission trips. If you and/or your child have an interest in Creator’s youth activities, please contact Pastor Amanda at 253-862-7700. Be sure to check out our Confirmation page and Mission Trips page to get a glimpse of activities.

Staying connected to a supportive faith community during the teen years is incredibly important. To foster this fellowship among our teen congregation, Creator Lutheran high school students meet weekly at Creator Lutheran Church (Sundays from 6:00 – 8:00 PM) for an informal Bible Study and dinner. Youth representing four local high schools engage in discussions about prominent issues youth currently face and how God’s Word can help them navigate through the exciting and challenging times of life.

For more information, contact Pastor Amanda at 253-862-7700

Creator’s nursery is now OPEN! Our wonderful and loving attendants, Cindy and Debbie, are excited to reopen this fun and safe space for the little ones during worship services (8:15 am – 12:15 pm on Sunday mornings).

The Prayground is also available inside the sanctuary for families with small children.

Children are always welcome in Worship, but if they choose, parents can drop children off at the Nursery before Worship service and/or Education hour. Children from 0 – 5 years old are loved and cared for by experienced, adult attendants Debbie and Cynthia. Parents must complete a sign-in process to ensure the safety of all children.

Nursery Hours: Sundays from 8:15 am until 12:15 pm. The Nursery may also be available during special worship, activity, and meeting times. Please contact the Church Office for availability.