At Creator we come together to worship, grow and serve others by the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of God.  We are a called people, gathered, enlightened and set-apart to be made holy.  What would our faith community look like if we responded fully to live for the glory of God?  What does stewardship have to do with this invitation from God?

Stewardship is a joyful response to God’s call to live purposefully for Him by managing our time, talents and treasures for His glory.  Our committee is a prayer-based and focused small group committed to living out stewardship in our own lives and encouraging our faith community as a whole to hear and respond eagerly to God’s call.

Gary Marsh, says it this way, “…offerings (tithes) are expressions of devotion to God and a means to support the work of the church and create pools of sufficiency for all.”  In other words, Offering = Worship! 

Giving really is fun when it’s done with a joyful heart; and we have SO much to be joyful for at Creator!  Watch and listen as the Stewardship Team works to highlight those things for which we ALL can give thanks! 

For more information contact the Church Office at 253 862-7700.

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