Our Worship Services

Worship During COVID-19:

8:30am Traditional Service: with Holy Communion with liturgy and hymn.

11:00am Blended Service: with Holy Communion using a mixture of contemporary songs and hymns.

Worship is live streamed to Zoom and Facebook live. You are welcome to hum along to the songs or worship digitally and sing along in your home or wherever you may be at the time. Worship includes a children message.

Holy Communion will be offered during Sunday worship services. 

All who believe and are baptized are welcome to receive the Lord’s Supper during our worship service. 

In this age of digital worship, you are invited to participate in the sacrament from home. If you are you not baptized, reach out to Pastor Amanda to discuss how God is inviting you not only to the table but also into God’s grace and the inheritance that we receive through baptism . This is not meant to be an obstacle but an invitation. 

Prepare for Holy Communion!  Have the elements ready ahead of time at your home.

You are asked to have the elements of bread and wine/grape juice ready at your home prior to the worship service.  Prepackaged elements are available for pick up at the office from 9:00am-3:30pm Monday through Friday. 

If you do not have the elements of Holy Communion available for worship, be assured that you are receiving God’s Word and grace fully in the confession and absolution and in the preaching of the Word. 

We look forward to a time when we can once again commune shoulder to shoulder and when Christ’s body and blood can be placed in our hands and we can hear the “for you” directly. In this time, know that God is fully present with you in God’s Word. 

Key Parts of Lutheran Worship: include music, greetings, prayer, Bible readings, a message from the pastor interpreting the Bible readings, and Communion. At Creator we believe that worship is the work of the people; you will see church members serving as ushers, readers, communion assistants and making community announcements.

Communion: is available to all baptized adults and for baptized children who have had Communion instruction. All worshippers are welcome to Communion to receive a blessing.

Worship Bulletin: the key parts of the worship service is listed on the bulletin given to you by the ushers. The entire order of service, including all of the words and songs will appear on the screens in the worship space.

Sunday Education: available for children and adults from 9:45 through 10:45 am, Fall through Spring. The nursery is also available at this time.