Mission & Vision

The Mission and Visions of Creator Lutheran Church

Welcoming all to worship, grow and serve in God’s grace.

Invitation and Welcome Vision:

Creator Lutheran welcomes all God’s people in worship and fellowship, inviting our local neighbors into relationship by actively sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Visitors are warmly greeted, affirmed, and invited to return.

Worship Vision:

Worship at Creator is Bible focused and Gospel (Good News) centered in our words, music, prayers, preaching, and teaching. Communion is available each week at every service to strengthen faith and draw everyone together in the promises of God. Worship includes all ages with specific portions of worship geared to children for their faith growth. Worship is modern, yet maintains the Lutheran essence of theology and witness.

Christian Friendship Vision:

Creator seeks to create a strong community where members feel connected, safe and nurtured. Creator intentionally builds community through the warm welcome of new members, small group ministry teams to increase spiritual growth, and social events to increase Christian friendship.

Faith Development Vision:

Creator encourages all members to every day pray, read scripture, and study to nourish the gift of faith. Members are encouraged to share their story of faith with others. Creator seeks to prepare every believer for a significant ministry by helping people discover and use their God given gifts and talents. The faith development in children is especially important, with education, service and activities directed to preschool, elementary, confirmation age, and high school youth.

Serving Others Vision:

Creator offers ministry teams to address the needs of our neighbors, church members, the nation, world, and the larger church body. Creator responds to local and national disasters and sends mission teams locally, nationally and internationally. Creator financially supports numerous local social service agencies in striving to meet the needs of the community.

Creator Constitution

This constitution is based on the Model Constitution for Congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church In America (ELCA).  Creator Lutheran Church bylaws are arranged throughout the constitution under the chapters and text to which they apply.  This congregation is an interdependent part of the ELCA and the Southwestern Washington Synod of the ELCA.