About the Foundation Fund

The Creator Lutheran Church Foundation Fund was created to support social ministry projects, stewardship opportunities and mission focused outreach initiated within Creator for local communities served by Creator Lutheran Church.  Assets given to the Foundation Fund are managed / administered by the Foundation Board members (minimum 5 to 7 people) and prudently invested as defined in the Governing Rules and Procedures for the Creator Lutheran Church Foundation Fund. The distributions from the Foundation Fund align with the following mission and ministry activities:

  1. Missions: local, regional and or global perspective.
  2. Youth: support ministry & programs directed to youth of all ages.
  3. Community: needs of the poor, homeless or people/groups in need.
  4. Worship: support for Creator worship.
  5. Capital Projects: Creator projects with congregation donations.
  6. Education: college/seminary scholarships or special training/ projects within Creator.

If you have any questions please contact the Creator Lutheran Church office at  office@creatorlutheran.net who will connect you with one of the  Foundation Board members.