Foundation Fund Donation & Grant Request

The Foundation Fund supports and enhances the mission and ministry of Creator Lutheran Church both within the church and in the larger community. Donations to the Foundation Fund are administered in accordance with the approved procedures and kept separate from all other funds of Creator Lutheran Church. The Foundation Fund balance is perpetually maintained. Internal examples include the Creator Seminary Student, Creator Intern, and Preschool. External examples include local Food Banks, School District Family Centers, ELCA World Hunger and youth service agencies. All contributions are appreciated.

Foundation Fund Grant Requests are accepted at the Church Office throughout the year, with the Foundation Board notifying the congregation each year of the submittal deadline dates. Funds are disbursed by year end annually. To donate to the fund, please see the DONATION link at the bottom of this page or download the Donation Card and submit your form to the Church Office. We thank you for your kind consideration to be a part of the exciting Creator Lutheran Foundation Fund process.