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Easter Sunrise Service at Driftwood Point Park

April 17 @ 7:00 am 8:00 am America/Bonney_Lake

Easter Sunrise Service at Driftwood Point Park Sunday, April 4 at 7am Join us for our Easter Sunrise service at Driftwood Point Park! Rise and shine early on Easter Sunday with your church family to greet God and the day as the sun rises. 

Directions: From church turn left on Sumner-Tapps Highway, turn off Sumner Tapps Highway East to the right at the Driftwood Point community sign (if you’re coming from the north, you will be turning left at the Driftwood Point community sign).  Head east on Driftwood Drive East.  The road makes a horseshoe at the end so keep going until the very end.  There will be a cul de sac at the entrance to the park with about 35 parking spaces.  The park is one mile from Sumner Tapps Highway East.

Bring:  Please bring your own folding chairs for your family/group
In case of rain, please bring umbrellas.

Parking:  A parking attendant will direct people for parking.

Greeter:  A greeter will be there to meet you at the gate.

Order of the day:
Move directly to the bridge and out to the point.  The altar will be set up on under the main shelter for best visibility.  Set up your chair for best visibility to the altar and the mountain, hopefully.

Music will be led by Tammy Funk.  Lyrics will be distributed but there will be no other bulletin.

For communion, we will use individual sealed cups just like we do at church.  When it is time, we will ask one person per family group to come for the cups. Or there will be a table set up for you to pick up your song sheet and communion cup near the shelter/altar.

We will also hold regular Easter Sunday church service at Creator Lutheran at 9:30am. If you have any questions, please contact the church office at (253) 862-7700. There is no need to register for the Sunrise Service.