Upcoming Events

There’s always something going on at Creator! Whether it be a special Bible Study series, a session of song and praise together, or even just a wine and cheese get together, Creator always has events that can help you get closer to God and your fellow church family members. The timeline below (and even further down from that) is a list of Creator Lutheran’s upcoming events. Find one you’re interested in, and simply click to learn more! We look forward to seeing you in person!

December 24, 2021

Saturday, January 15, 2022 at 7 PM Step back to 1922 and join us for a roaring 1920’s murder mystery escape room. Can you solve the mystery? When: Saturday January …

December 24, 2021

There are some new Adult Education classes coming in January of the new year! Below you will find more information about the classes. January 2nd –  Star Words Preparation for …

December 24, 2021

January 7, 2022 THANK YOU to everyone who donated food for New Hope Resource Center. Our next lunch will be January 7th. Creator will provide cooked lasagna, rolls, fruit cups and cookies. All food should be …

December 17, 2021

Tuesday, December 21, 11 AM to 7 PM