Creator Lutheran Church

In person worship protocol

Updated: September 2020

Register for Worship before Thursday of each week

  • Sign up for worship.
  • A form has been emailed to the congregation to reserve your spot for worship.
  • We ask you to plan on one Sunday per month. If spots are still available for the coming Sunday an email will be sent out on Thursday afternoon for those who would like to attend an additional Sunday worship in person to register.
  • If you are unable to access or use the online form, you may call the church office to reserve your spaces.
  • You will be asked to provide names of those who will be attending with you, contact information for one member of your group.
  • You may register with your COVID Family. A COVID Family is the small group of family and/or close friends that you have been gathering with throughout this pandemic.
  • We are able to have 50 people register for each worship service at this time. We are additionally limited by COVID Family size so that we are able to maintain six feet of space between each COVID Family. If we are at capacity for a Sunday, we will be asked to look at a future date to attend worship in person.

Arriving at church on Sunday

  • Arrive with enough time to complete the check-in process (15-20 minutes early)

Before you enter the building

  • Temperature check by a member of Creator Lutheran Chruch. – if your temperature or anyone in your COVID Family is over 100.4 you will be asked to return home and not attend in person worship this week.
  • You will connect with a member of Creator and they will ask you if you have symptoms to check your name off on the list. If no volunteer is present to sign you in, you will be asked to check in on a sign-in sheet that will already have your COVID Family names listed and initial that you have no symptoms.
  • While waiting for these stations, you are asked to maintain six feet of distance between you and other groups.
  • Place your facemask on before entering the building.

In the building

  • Apply hand sanitizer at the provided station.
  • An usher will direct you to a group of chairs in the sanctuary. We will try to fill the sanctuary from front to back.
  • Chairs have been re-arranged to ensure six feet of distance between COVID Families. Families may sit together in a pew, but we ask that a six foot distance be maintained between others attending the service.
  • All materials have been removed from the chairs. Bulletins will be distributed and will also be projected during the service. You will be provided a bulletin.
  • Only two people are permitted in each bathroom at a time. If needed, please form a line outside of the bathroom maintaining your distance from others in front of you.

During the service

  • We ask you not to sing. What about humming? Clapping is welcome!
  • Offerings can be placed in an offering plate as you are entering or leaving the sanctuary.
  • During the sharing of the peace you are invited to turn towards others in the sanctuary and place your hands over your heart in greeting.
  • Due to multiple restrictions of the Washington state guidelines, we will not resume Holy Communion at this time during worship services in the sanctuary.

At the completion of Worship

  • Groups will be dismissed from service one at a time, starting from the back of the sanctuary.
  • There will be no refreshments served before or after services.
  • Apply hand sanitizer at the provided station.
  • Please exit the building upon dismissal from the sanctuary.

Additional notes

  • These protocols may be adjusted in the future depending on Washington State guidelines.
  • Worship will continue to be live streamed on Facebook Live and Zoom. It will also be posted on YouTube and our webpage after completion.
  • Should Pastor Amanda or an immediate family have symptoms on a Sunday morning or be in quarantine, we plan to hold worship with lay leader liturgy and provide a pre-recorded sermon.
  • Thank you for following the guidelines as we take care of one another and our community.