Lutheran Disaster Response

Creator Lutheran Church made a donation of $3000 to the Lutheran Disaster Response designated for the Eastern Europe Crisis.

Some information on the ELCA response:

On Feb. 24, Russian forces invaded Ukraine, launching land, sea and air attacks. Airports
are now shut, and few railway lines are operational. Civilians fleeing the violence are heading toward Ukraine’s western districts and such neighboring countries as Poland, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.

Hundreds of thousands of people are seeking refuge in neighboring countries. There are major humanitarian concerns for both internally displaced people and refugees. Many of these Ukrainians fleeing their homes need shelter, basic necessities and pastoral care.

Lutheran Disaster Response is accompanying our companions in Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, as well as such ecumenical partners as Lutheran World Federation and Church World Service, in their humanitarian responses to the crisis. These partners provide refugees with immediate support and supplies such as food, blankets, water and hygiene kits.

To learn more about the situation and the ELCA’s response:

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Weather Closer Information

Weather closures – season of snow and ice

Creator Lutheran Church follows the closure or adjusted schedule of the Bonney Lake/ Sumner School District with regards to inclement weather from Monday to Friday. The office will be closed, open late or close early to mirror the school decisions.  Church activities would also be canceled or altered on those days.

For Sunday Worship, Pastor Amanda, in consultation with Council, will make a decision.  An email blast would be sent out and a would be posted on the Creator Facebook page in addition to the Creator website. Thank you for your kind understanding. 

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From the Creator Covid Response Team

June 14th 2020,

Dear Creator Members,

We have a small Covid Response team working on the details for preparing to “open up the church”.  The recommendation of this group is to continue virtual Worship and keep the Church building closed unless prior approval by Council until Phase 3.

While Pierce Co has now moved to Phase 2 we feel that the mitigations needed to reduce the risk are too great for the number that would be able to attend.

Religious and faith-based organizations are permitted to, provided all requirements in this document are met:

Phase 1 Hold outdoor services on the organization’s property (or immediately adjacent property if explicitly permitted by the local jurisdiction) with up to 100 individuals, excluding organization staff.

Phase 2 Hold indoor services at a place of worship with up to 25% capacity or 50 individuals, whichever is less, (excluding organization staff) and

Hold or provide in-home services or counseling inside a person’s residence with up to 5 total individuals (excluding organization staff).

Some of the guidelines Phase 2 requires:

  • Education and member self screening for temperature and symptoms prior to attending; completing attendance logs for potential exposure tracings
  • Masking at all times
  • Keeping physical 6 feet distancing
  • No singing; No communion
  • Minimizing bathroom attendance to 2
  • Establishing signage and a cleaning/decontamination procedure

We will continue to enjoy Virtual Worship with Dani’s music to enhance the experience and Pastor Amanda will be trying a virtual Communion soon.  We hope to have plans for outdoor worship later in the summer.  Group meetings will open up when we get the Opening protocols and Cleaning/Decontamination protocols in place. Each group will need a designee who will be trained and signed off to take responsibility for those protocols for their group.  

Yours in Christ,

Janice Pendergast,

Council Communications Manager representing the Creator Covid Response Team

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