The Envelope Fundraiser

Our Youth Mission Team is making the final preparations for our Mission Trip to Washington DC. While in DC, we will work with the Center for Student Missions to provide meals to those experiencing hunger and homelessness. We will also learn about food deserts and how we can help. We will be providing childcare, serving in soup kitchens and food banks, and working in the community garden. Due to the generosity of our Creator family, we have almost reached our financial goals.

Our final fundraiser is very easy. A table with 100 envelopes has been set up in the church narthex. Each envelope has a dollar amount printed on the outside. If you would like to participate, first decide how much money you would like to donate. Then, pick up that envelope. Underneath some envelopes are colored dots which indicate that you have won a prize. Please see a Youth Mission team member or Terri to get your prize. Then, put the corresponding amount of money in the envelope, and return it to a member of the team. This fundraiser will run from now until July 3.

Thank you so much for your support of our youth who strive to meet God’s people in different communities and help them when asked.

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New Hope Lunch – July 2022

THANK YOU to everyone who donates food for Hope Resource Center. Our next lunch will be Friday, July 1, 2022. New Hope Resource Center is providing 40-50 sack lunches M-F for our homeless neighbors. New Hope has asked that we help by donating food appropriate for the sack lunches. Please see the list of food needed on the attached link.

All food should be dropped off at the church no later than Friday morning at 10:00 AM. Creator members will pick up the food from church and deliver it to New Hope in Puyallup. Volunteers at New Hope will prepare and distribute the sack lunches. Please sign up below. You will get a reminder email.

Volunteer sign up link:

**** On the sign-up sheet click the “sign up button” next to what you want to bring, then go to the very bottom of the page and click “Submit and Sign up” and there you will enter your information.
New Hope Resource Center is in downtown Puyallup and serves the unhoused in Pierce County. The mission of New Hope is to assist homeless adults in their efforts to find safety, health, and stability.

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