About Us

The Lutheran church has sometimes been described as a church steeped in tradition, but with moderate social perspectives. At Creator Lutheran Church, we do value the familiar worship and customs that ground us in our faith, yet faithfully seek to be God’s hands to serve the poor and needy in our world. We invite you to explore our beliefs, values, and mission to discover who we are. We hope that you view worship and the world in much the same way.

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What We Believe

We believe in God who created all things and keeps creating, making all things new. We see the world as God’s gift, a precious life-giving, life-sustaining home that calls for our just and careful stewardship. 

We believe in God who comes to us in Jesus of Nazareth, God’s son, fully human and fully divine. Through Jesus’ obedient trust in God and his compassion for a broken humanity, God has worked healing and renewal for all the world. On the Cross, Jesus extends his arms in forgiveness, welcoming all into relationship with God. In Christ, all are welcome.   

We believe in God who is present through the Holy Spirit to both create and sustain faith. The Spirit calls us into faith, gathers us into community, teaches us the will and ways of God, and leads us into becoming faithful friends and servants of neighbors in need.

We believe that God raised Jesus from death, resurrecting Jesus to new life and that by baptism and faith, all who come to trust in Jesus Christ are promised resurrection as well.

We believe Jesus has given every believer a ministry of reconciliation, a life-long commitment to becoming instruments of hope and healing for a loved but broken world. Christ Jesus lives today wherever there are people who faithfully trust in him, wherever the Good News of reconciliation is preached, and the Sacraments of Baptism and Lord’s Supper are shared.

What Is a Lutheran

On October 31, 1517, a Catholic monk by the name of Martin Luther posted a list of objections he had with the Roman Catholic Church and some of its theological practices.  His letter to the Roman Catholic Church, known as the 95 Theses, was an invitation to have a scholarly discussion primarily on the practice of indulgences.  Luther’s hope was that the church would reform its practice and that preaching would be more consistent with the Word of God in the Bible.
What was an invitation was perceived as a threat and became the event that set off the Protestant Reformation.

The 95 Theses were printed in the German language and distributed throughout northern Europe. Other reformers with objections to the Roman Catholic Church emerged. Luther and other reformers attracted followers who formed many of the mainline Protestant denominations that we see today. An invitation to discuss the church practices turned into a separation from the Roman Catholic church. “Lutheran” was a name applied to Luther and his followers as an insult, but instead was adopted as a badge of honor.

In addition to disagreement on indulgences, Martin Luther looked to the Bible and rediscovered the basic principles of belief and theology centered on grace alone, faith alone, and scripture alone:

  • We are saved by the grace of God alone – not by anything we do,
  • Our salvation is through faith alone – we only need to trust that our sins are forgiven for Christ’s sake, who died to redeem us,
  • And that the Bible is the only norm of doctrine and life – the only true standard by which teachings are to be judged.

For centuries the Lutheran faith flourished in Northern Europe and in Scandinavian countries. When the great migration of Europeans came to the United States, Lutherans came by the tens of thousands. Lutherans settling in American towns and cities established their own churches, often with small family based congregations. The northern states of Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa became centers of Lutheran population. More recently, with the mobility provided by autos, many Lutherans relocated to the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the America.

Over the years congregations would form partnerships and affiliations, sometimes based on culture and language of the “old country” of origin, sometimes based on different understanding of the Bible or theology. But gradually leaders recognized that the Lutheran church could accomplish much more together as a larger church body as opposed to small individual churches or affiliations. Today there are two large Lutheran Church bodies: the Evangelical Lutheran Church In America (ELCA) and the smaller Missouri Synod.

Today it is difficult to accurately describe what a Lutheran is. The Lutheran Church has moved from being a white immigration-based church to a global church, with 5.6 million members in Tanzania, Africa alone. Lutherans are known for their generosity, giving millions of dollars to world relief efforts and development. Over 10,000 Lutherans volunteered in the clean-up and rebuilding of the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. ELCA Lutherans highly value education, sponsoring 26 colleges and universities, 14 high schools, 296 elementary schools, and 1573 preschools.

Creator Lutheran Church is a part of the ELCA, which is the most moderate Lutheran denomination. We tend to value traditions, are generally reserved, but are socially progressive. We are highly supportive of women in ministry and leadership, attempt to be welcoming and inclusive to all, and are committed to our Christian friends. Theologically, we try to engage the head and the heart, allowing people to have their faith questions without criticism, and are willing to live in the tension of belief and scientific knowledge.

You are invited the visit the ELCA website to become more familiar with the church, its history, its programs and priorities.

The Sanctuary Window

Creator Lutheran _11.jpg

The sanctuary window in Creator’s worship space has been designed to focus the faith community’s attention on the three ways we experience God’s presence in the world: as Creator, Savior and Sustainer (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). 

At the top center of the window is a sun shaped image representing God, the Father. At the center hangs the Cross of Christ Jesus. On the sides and bottom of the window are flame-like panels representing the Spirit of God. The window itself contains clear, colored and translucent portions of glass that inspires the worshipper to view the entire piece and also encourages the worshipper to look out through the window to see the world God has created.

No longer confined to a building, the worshipper is encouraged to become a witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and become a servant of every neighbor in need.

The Mission and Visions of Creator Lutheran Church

Invitation and Welcome Vision:

  • Creator Lutheran welcomes all God’s people in worship and fellowship, inviting our local neighbors into relationship by actively sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Visitors are warmly greeted, affirmed, and invited to return.

Worship Vision:

  • Worship at Creator is Bible focused and Gospel (Good News) centered in our words, music, prayers, preaching, and teaching. Communion is available each week at every service to strengthen faith and draw everyone together in the promises of God. Worship includes all ages with specific portions of worship geared to children for their faith growth. Worship is modern, yet maintains the Lutheran essence of theology and witness.

Christian Friendship Vision:

  • Creator seeks to create a strong community where members feel connected, safe and nurtured. Creator intentionally builds community through the warm welcome of new members, small group ministry teams to increase spiritual growth, and social events to increase Christian friendship.

Faith Development Vision:

  • Creator encourages all members to every day pray, read scripture, and study to nourish the gift of faith. Members are encouraged to share their story of faith with others. Creator seeks to prepare every believer for a significant ministry by helping people discover and use their God given gifts and talents. The faith development in children is especially important, with education, service and activities directed to preschool, elementary, confirmation age, and high school youth.

Serving Others Vision:

  • Creator offers ministry teams to address the needs of our neighbors, church members, the nation, world, and the larger church body. Creator responds to local and national disasters and sends mission teams locally, nationally and internationally. Creator financially supports numerous local social service agencies in striving to meet the needs of the community.

Creator Constitution

  • This constitution is based on the Model Constitution for Congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church In America (ELCA).  Creator Lutheran Church bylaws are arranged throughout the constitution under the chapters and text to which they apply.  This congregation is an interdependent part of the ELCA and the Southwestern Washington Synod of the ELCA.

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