Virtual Family Sunday School

Family Sunday School

February 14

Transfiguration of Jesus

Luke 9:28-45

 In our story today, Jesus was revealed as God’s Son, the Messiah.  Two times in our story we hear that Jesus is headed to the cross.  Next week, we enter a season called Lent, where we remember Jesus’ journey to the cross for our sins.   Jesus was revealed in glory through the transfiguration.  As we enter Lent, we remember that Jesus’ journey from glory on the mountain to glory again at Easter goes through the cross.   You may wish to say a short prayer asking God to draw you closer during this time of Lent as we remember Jesus’ journey to the cross.

Story video:



He is the Light

He Is the Light | Cave Quest VBS Music Video | Group Publishing – YouTube

Light of the World

Light of the World | Cave Quest VBS Music Video | Group Publishing – YouTube

1 2 3, Jesus is Alive

One Two Three – YouTube

Craft ideas:

UPSIDE DOWN HEARTS: Let children cut out various sizes of hearts and glue onto a piece of construction paper UPSIDE DOWN so the top will be the mountain. On the upside-down hearts, children can write GOD LOVES US AND RENEWS OUR STRENGTH!

LICORICE MOUNTAINS: Give each child some cherry or black licorice sticks to form mountains (after washing hands, of course). After each child tells something they have learned about our lesson today, they can EAT their mountain shape of licorice! (Provide another snack for the children who don’t care for licorice.)


Dear God, thank you for creating everything in the world.  Thank you for creating us.  Help us remember to love each other, and all creation, too.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.