Pastor Heidi Calhoun Question and Answer Session

Pastoral Candidate Heidi Calhoun answers questions from the congregation. The session is broken into three parts to meet website guidelines. The questions for each section are listed below.

Part 1

Judy R. call committee history
Pastor Heidi opening comments
Ruth P – How did you become a Lutheran?
Monica H – What are your thoughts on current issues in the Lutheran Church?

Part 2

Sharon M – Give examples of your work with senior citizens.
Andy H – What do you see as Creator’s opportunities and challenges?
Laura B – What are your strength and weaknesses in the management (administrative) aspect of the job?
Tammy B – How does the Gospel inform what you do?

Part 3

Kurt M – Can you tell us your intern experience and your thoughts about future interns?
47:29 Nancy S – Where do you currently live and will you be moving to our community?
Katrina M – What do you like to be called? Where do you fall on the political/social justice spectrum?
Sharon M – Are you hoping to enlarge your family or are you happy with your family as it is?
Terrie H – How do you feel about modern language and modern music in worship?
Sharon K – Are you accepting of individuals with different political/social justice opinions?
Melinda S – Are your sermons based on the assigned Gospel text or on the needs of the church?
Closing remarks



  • Pastor Heidi Calhoun