Women's Bible Study

Women’s Monday Night Study Group- please join us as we begin our new Fall Study where we will be reading a recommendation by Pastor Rebecca Shjerven our Women's Retreat facilitator; The Divine Dance - the Trinity and the Transformation by Richard Rohr.  This will tie in with exploring scriptures different faces of God; See link or Amazon for more details. Copies of the book can be obtained from Janice Pendergast  

The Divine Dance – By Richard Rohr with Mike Morrell

This is a casual fellowship group and every meetings attendance is not required.  The group can be joined anytime.  We always have a few spare books.

Meet at Church in the Youth Room; 6:45-8:30pm 

Fall 2018 schedule:

Sept 17th: p19 – p32 Forward and Intro section

Oct 1st: p33 – p73 Part I: Wanted: A Trinitarian Revolution

Oct 15th: p74 – p117 Aristotle and Boethius: The Price of an Invading Noun

Oct 29th:  p119 -p155 Part II: Why the Trinity? Why Now?

Nov 12th: p155 – p181 Transcendence Deficit Disorder

Nov 26th: p183 – 217 Part III: The Holy Spirit and on through the Appendix: Experiencing the Trinity: Seven Practices

Dec 10th: TBD Gift wrapping of Family Christmas gifts, usually at Janee’s with the Thursday group as well.

Please contact Janice Pendergast for more information: 253-202-4460 or janicepend@yahoo.com 

Christmas Wreath Making Class


With Leah Ramberg

Saturday, December 1, 2018wreath_0.jpg

from 9am-noon

Creator Lutheran Church (Multipurpose Room)

$45 for class and all supplies

Proceeds go toward Women’s Retreat Scholarship Fund And Youth Missions

Invite all your friends, and Bring a breakfast food to share.

All Call Choir (All Ages - click here for more info!)

All Call Choir is for all ages and ability levels.  The music is simple enough to be learned in 3 rehearsals for all who participate, even those who may not have any experience in music.  Don't want to sing?  We also have a hand chimes option!  Please let Dani know if you're interested at least once week prior to the first rehearsal (as she will need to create music parts).

All Call Christimas Choir Schedule 2018

Please commit to 2 regular rehearsals and the final rehearsal.  The song will be Jazz Gloria by Natalie Sleeth - here is the listening linkhttps://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&produc...

Regular Rehearsals (pick 2 to 4 of the following):

Group Calendar