Preschool News

Dear Parents,

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a vacation filled with love, family and much joy.  We were blessed with all the above.  We thoroughly enjoyed the annual Christmas program with Tim Noah.  What a treat!

We would also like to thank our families for the toys that were donated.  This was a great way to show our children how we care for others who are not as fortunate as ourselves.  These toys were distributed to local families in the Bonney Lake area.

January will include many fun topics for study.  The children will learn about the country of Italy.  At the end of the month, parents will be invited to return 15 minutes before class is finished to ‘take a tour’ of Italy presented by the children. More information to follow.

The winter season and the colors gray and white are naturals for January as is snow.  We will see what the month brings!  Remember to check the school closures for Sumner School District on TV or go to , then Sumner School District.

Additional curriculum topics will include hibernation versus migration in the winter months. We will also study the letters R,r, S,s, U,u, and D,d, and the shape is the rectangle. Our numbers are five for the 3 year olds and 8, 9, and 10 for the 4/5 year olds. Our holiday during January is Martin Luther King’s birthday (we will talk about him too) on January 20th.  It will only affect our Monday-Friday class.

Hopefully, everyone planning to be with us next year has already told (Andrea), Mrs. D, which class they want their child in.  Please email immediately to if you still need to choose a class or are not going to be returning.  Our classes are filling up quickly.  

Thank you all for your loyal support.  Because of you, we do not have, nor need an advertising budget.  Creator Preschool has been so blessed over the years to play a small part in the lives of so many wonderful families.

Happy New Year and God Bless You All,

Your teachers,

Andrea (Mrs. D), Ragan (Mrs. Allen) and Cheri (Ms. Farrer)

Family Sunday School


Please join us for FAMILY SUNDAY SCHOOL!  This new approach to learning and exploring God’s Kingdom comes from a desire to

·       Equip families to carry out Christian practices at home

·       Combine Christian Education with Mission and Service

·       Incorporate Faith formation into the Worship Service

·       Facilitate multigenerational discussion and wonderment about Bible Stories and God’s message for us today.

For these reasons, we would like to invite ALL to join us in Creator Family Sunday School.  All ages are welcome!  Parents, Grandparents, and siblings will eat breakfast together, hear a Bible Story, wonder and discuss the story, and learn some new music—all together!  Service projects will also be a big part of our time together. 

Group Calendar