Preschool News

Dear Parents,

         October was a fun, “learning filled” month.  We learned about nocturnal animals, farms and harvest time. Our pumpkin patch field trip to Maris Farms was a highlight for the children. We were blessed with wonderful fall weather!  It will be nice now to have indoor field trips until April.

           Our November shapes will be square and cube, the number will be 3 for the three year olds and 4 and 5 for the four/five year olds. The color will be brown.  We will also learn the letters E,e, T,t, and C,c.  Along with being thankful for what we have, we will also be talking about ways we can help others in need.  Watch for handouts with further information. Fall will also be part of our studies in November.

We hope you have been enjoying our curriculum.  The older children will be working on putting some of the letters we have learned into three letter words, such as, Mom, map, man, pan, etc.  The younger children are learning to recognize the letters and sounds and some may grasp the concept of putting the sounds together.  The children are also working on writing their names the “Kindergarten” way.  Kindergarten teachers like the children to be able to write their names with the first letter in uppercase and the rest in lowercase.  Parents can help by encouraging, but not pushing.  Many preschoolers are just developing readiness for writing, so we will help each child as they develop. It would also be helpful to have them practice on lines.

Because November is a short month, we have decided to consider our Thanksgiving feast day our in-house field trip.  The last day before vacation (check dates below), please bring your child to school at the regular time and then return 45 minutes early for the “feast and celebration” we have prepared.  Please do not expect too much, because we are using the term feast very loosely.  We will be having turkey, but not of the meat/bird variety.  We do promise it will be fun.  Grandparents and siblings are also welcome.

Please mark your calendar with these important dates.

November  11-17:  Scholastic Book Fair

(Monday) November 11th:  Veterans Day Holiday – NO SCHOOL

November 25th:  M-F class Thanksgiving Feast

                   November 26th: T-Th and T-W-Th classes Thanksgiving Feast

                   November 27th:   W-F class:  Thanksgiving Feast

                           * NO afternoon class

November 28th and 29th:  Thanksgiving Vacation –NO SCHOOL


We are looking forward to November and the wonder of beautiful colors.  We wish you God’s Blessing this fall and want you to know how thankful we are for your continued support and encouragement.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


Your teachers,

Andrea (Mrs. D), Cheri (Ms. Farrar), and Ragan (Mrs. Allen)



Family Sunday School


Please join us for FAMILY SUNDAY SCHOOL!  This new approach to learning and exploring God’s Kingdom comes from a desire to

·       Equip families to carry out Christian practices at home

·       Combine Christian Education with Mission and Service

·       Incorporate Faith formation into the Worship Service

·       Facilitate multigenerational discussion and wonderment about Bible Stories and God’s message for us today.

For these reasons, we would like to invite ALL to join us in Creator Family Sunday School.  All ages are welcome!  Parents, Grandparents, and siblings will eat breakfast together, hear a Bible Story, wonder and discuss the story, and learn some new music—all together!  Service projects will also be a big part of our time together. 

Group Calendar