In Lutheran tradition, parents often choose to present their children for the sacrament of Baptism at an early age, sometimes as an infant. At Baptism, parents, family members, sponsors and congregational members promise to raise the child to know and love Jesus. When the child reaches middle school, the child is encourage to complete Confirmation. At the conclusion of the two year Confirmation process the "Confirmand" takes on and owns the early promises of  their Baptism.  The Confirmand is expected to participate as an adult in the work of the church: worship, reading scripture, gathering for the Lord’s Supper, and sharing conversations about God, Jesus, faith, and how they fit together in our lives.

While Confirmation  Sunday is an important milestone in the lives of young Lutheran Christians, it is the two year period of study, fellowship, activities, and conversations that shapes a strong life-long relationship with God. Confirmands also develop long-term, nurturing friendships with other youth and adults that will further shape their faith journey.

Confirmation classes are held on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour and Wednesday evenings.  Led by caring adults, Confirmation includes Bible study, learning the fundamentals of faith, fun weekend retreats, service projects, planning and leading a Sunday Worship, and great fellowship activities.

Confirmation focuses on 7th and 8th graders, but exceptions can be made. Contact Terri Heckroth, Youth Director, for more information. 253 862-7700.

Music Opportunities for Children and Youth


Creator Lutheran will be offering a Marimba Camp for youth July 3-7, 2017 from 1:00-4:00 PM.  This is for those who will be attending the 6-12 grades in the 2017-2018 school year.  Campers will be learning marimba techniques  as well as a couple of other art forms from Zimbabwe with leader Jeff Brahe - you do not need to know anything about music to participate!  You also do not need to be a member of Creator to attend - friends are welcome!  The camp costs only $60 for the week!

**We have 4 spots still open and the deadline has been extended to June 11th, 2017!  Please click on the registration form below, fill it out and mail or bring it to Creator before the deadline:  Creator Lutheran Church, 16702 S. Tapps Dr E, Bonney Lake, WA 98391.  

Questions?  Contact Dani (or Marlene) - or 253-862-7700.



Creator Confirmation


What is happening with our Confirmation kids? 

Creator is the place to be!  Just ask any of our middle school age youth.  They meet for Confirmation class on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings for fun and faith formation.  We have been studying some Old Testament lessons on Wednesdays and Martin Luther and the Reformation on Sundays. 


The first Confirmation Retreat of the year was held at Warm Beach Christian Camp and Conference Center this month.  Our theme for the weekend was “Dealing with Bullying”, and Stephanie Kjelland, a longtime member of Creator, was our speaker.  She brought passion and empathy to a serious issue most of us face in school and in the workplace.  The class also began the long, challenging process of planning the Youth Led Worship for 2016. 


All Call Choir is for all ages and ability levels.  The music is simple enough to be learned in 3 rehearsals for all who participate, even those who may not have any experience in music.  Don't want to sing?  We also have a hand chimes option!  Please let Dani know if you're interested ahead of time (as she will need to create music parts).

All Call Christimas Choir schedule 2017

Please commit to 2 regular rehearsals and the final rehearsal.  Please contact Dani ( with any questions or concerns!

  • SCHEDULE TBA (by late October 2017)

We will sing Christmas Eve (Sunday, December 24th, 2017) for one of the worship services - more information will be forthcoming!

All Call Easter Choir schedule 2018

Youth Mission Trip Meeting


Youth Mission Team Meeting
  Thursday, November 12
7:00pm at the church

Come hear all about Youth Mission opportunities at Creator. 
This informational meeting is for anyone interested in participating in a youth mission trip and their parents.  It is also for any congregation member who would like to hear what great things Creator youth are doing around the world. 
We will have a speaker from Experience Mission there to talk about the benefits of youth engaged in mission work in this country and in the world. 
Creator Youth Mission trips for 2016:
          8th and 9th Graders will travel to Los Angeles to work with Center for Student Missions in learning about homelessness in the urban setting.  We will be helping tutor kids, feeding the hungry at a homeless shelter,  visiting the elderly, and talking to people living on the streets.  Cost is about $700. 

Terri’s Two Cents – May 2013


Because of the work the Confirmation students and their guides did on the Youth Led Worship, I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness and compassion. The message of the service was about “Rachel’s Challenge”, a program used in schools to promote kindness and combat bullying. We even talked about it in High School Bible Study

I was reminded that a few years ago, one of the High Schools in the area hosted a similar program about empathy. The students were encouraged to write their life “stories” on signs that they hung around their necks. The idea was that people would be treated better if others around them knew they were going through a tough time. I thought it was a great idea. I agreed that if more people knew about the challenges we go through, they would be kind and patient