Young adults are welcome to attend the weekly Sunday night Bible Study at Terri Heckroth’s house 6 -8 pm.   Drop-ins during holiday breaks from college are encouraged.


All Call Choir is for all ages and ability levels.  The music is simple enough to be learned in 3 rehearsals for all who participate, even those who may not have any experience in music.  Don't want to sing?  We also have a hand chimes option!  Please let Dani know if you're interested ahead of time (as she will need to create music parts).

All Call Christimas Choir schedule 2017

Please commit to 2 regular rehearsals and the final rehearsal.  Please contact Dani ( with any questions or concerns!

  • SCHEDULE TBA (by late October 2017)

We will sing Christmas Eve (Sunday, December 24th, 2017) for one of the worship services - more information will be forthcoming!

All Call Easter Choir schedule 2018

Terri's Two Cents

 One of my favorite parts of Youth Ministry is leading students on Mission Trips.  Plans are currently underway for two Youth Mission Teams to drive down to Los Angeles, California to work with the inner-city homeless population this summer.   I imagine we will be serving meals at soup kitchens, helping out in homeless shelters, helping out in child care centers, and sharing God’s love with people who have little or no money.  I get so excited during the planning stages of the mission experience.  I love telling students about the trip, helping them raise money, and arranging the particulars of the week.  The week spent serving is also thrilling.  We get to meet new people and see the love of God in each other and in the faces of the poor. 

Terri's Two Cents

images.jpg~This Christmas, I received one of the most amazing gifts I have ever gotten.  It is too late to use this idea this Christmas, but If you ever decide to give this as a gift to your parents, I guarantee it will make Mom and Dad very happy.
 My daughter, Rachel, is 19 years old and in her second year of college.  She has a job on campus that pays very little for the few hours she works in a week.  So, Rachel doesn’t have much money for things like entertainment and gift giving.  She had told me months before Christmas that she wanted to give my husband and I homemade gifts this year that wouldn’t cost her much money.