Foundation Fund Donation

The Foundation Fund supports and enhances the mission and ministry of Creator Lutheran Church both within the church and in the larger community. Donations to the Foundation Fund are administered in accordance with the approved procedures and kept separate from all other funds of Creator Lutheran Church. The Foundation Fund balance is perpetually maintained, with 10% of all donations plus a maximum of 10% of the total balance of the fund annually dispersed to ministries and/or programs which formally apply for monetary grants.

Weekly Offering

Some Creator members prefer to provide their weekly giving through the Sunday collection plate, some through automatic banking account deductions, or some through internet transactions. This website allows members and visitors to contribute to Creator’s General Budget through a link to an internet transaction service.

Wreath Kits

Please purchase your wreath by November 30 2014.

Please list the items you are purchasing in the memo box. You can choose your ribbon/ornament color at church on Sunday or contact Terri H. Prices are listed below

$36.00 – Wreath and Kit
$20.00 – Kit only (I will bring my own wreath)
$22.00 – 24 in. Noble Mix Wreath only
$22.00 – 28 in. Cross
$15.00 – Centerpiece

Seminary Student Support

Creator Lutheran has a long history of financially supporting congregational members who are called to seminary and eventually become pastors. This year, Megan Dahn is entering seminary and is looking at significant tuition cost.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Intern Fund Support

For the second year in a row, Creator Lutheran is sponsoring an Intern from the Luther Seminary. Seminary students typically spend two years at school and the third year assigned to a Lutheran church to gain hands-on experience prior finishing their last year at seminary. This year, we are looking forward to Keith Marshall serving and growing with us. Sponsoring an Intern is an added expense to the church and we have been able to have our Interns only through the generosity of our members. Any assistance  would be greatly appreciated.