Seeing within and beyond the narthex: Adult Education in Action

     Stewards of our coadult education_0.jpgngregational tithes and offerings are found in every facet of the church's life!  This month we've asked for some words from the Adult Education team: Tawny Rendahl Mitchell, Mike Rutkosky, Ron Noborikawa and Rich Heineman make up the Adult Education Team and steward the congregation's invitation to guest speakers and insiders as well to encourage insightful conversations.  Here's what the team leader, Tawny, had to say about the work the team does on the behalf of all who enjoy and participate in Adult Education:  During my life, I've been fortunate to have friends of varied faith backgrounds. I've worked and lived with Christians, Jews, Buddhists and non-believers. Some of these friends are puzzled by the fact that I go to church. They believe that no intelligent, educated person could take the Christian faith seriously. I also have friends who believe that every word in the Bible is literally true, and that all who don't see things their way are doomed. They tend to assume that, because I am "a church-going woman," I must share their views.

I admit that I find it challenging to talk about my faith with both types of friends. And this is where the Adult Education ministry at Creator has deeply impacted me. Engaging with other participants at Coffee Talk, learning from invited speakers, discussing ideas with Mike, Rich and Ron during our planning meetings- all of these activities have helped me understand and articulate how God has been present in my life. While I am not interested in debating about matters of faith, I do want to enjoy an honest, respectful dialogue with people who are dear to me. The Adult Education ministry has equipped me to do this.

We are enormously blessed with talented lay leaders and gifted clergy who can facilitate and teach, but Creator has an enduring interest in hearing other voices as well. To that end, we've invited scholars and theologians such as Dan Peterson and Samuel Torvend to teach at Creator, and we've purchased popular materials for study, such as the Animate series. Of course, this ministry does not come cheap. But it seems that most worthwhile things in life have a cost associated with them- in money, time, or effort. Whichever of these you can cheerfully give, we will gratefully accept. Please contact me if you have any questions about our ministry or if you would like to join us. Email: /