Reopening Pastoral Letter

September 2, 2020

Dear Creator Lutheran,

Grace to you and peace. You are loved and missed.

While thankful for the means that we have continued to worship since March, we have yearned for a time in which we can be together to worship.

The time has come for us to offer the option of in person worship on Sunday morning. There will be protocols that we will have to follow, including registering, wearing masks, and no singing. Nonetheless we are looking forward to worshipping in our sanctuary once again.

Attached you will find a document outlining the protocols so that you know what to expect when you register and come to church. Please reach out if you have any questions.

I also want to assure you that just because we are opening to in person worship, we also realize that when it comes to pandemics each of us has our own level of comfort. We will endeavor to follow our Washington State guidelines for those who come in person. We will also try to meet the needs of both in person and physically distanced community. This means that we will continue to provide worship live-streamed on Facebook and Zoom, as well as posted on YouTube and our website following worship. Throughout September, Holy Communion will be available two Sundays a month on Zoom and at Drive-Thru at church each Wednesday from 12-2 and 4:30 -6:30pm. 

This is the next of our pivots as a church in response to COVID-19. I guarantee you that there will be more in the future. I hope that they are all toward opening up more ministry activities, but to be realistic, I accept that it will need to be fluid as the impact of the virus into the fall and winter plays out.

God bless and keep you today and always,

Pastor Amanda