Music Opportunities for Youth (grades 6-12)


(Pictured:  Marimba Camp, Summer 2017)


ALL youth (grades 6-12 during this school year) are welcome to participate in the Youth Praise Team at Creator Lutheran starting Fall 2018.  You do not have to be a member of this church to participate, so bring a friend!  The group is for youth who sing (or want to learn to sing) and/or play piano, guitar or percussion (drums), as well as other instruments (string and winds)!  Here are the details:

INSTRUMENT(S) or VOICE:  Let me (Dani) know how you would like to participate, so what your instrument is or if you'll sing (or will be learning how to sing).  Also let me know what projects you will be doing.  

PROJECTS:  Each project will end with the Youth Praise Team leading songs during worship, whether we can learn some or all songs to lead an 11:00 service, or we learn a song or two for a special event or service. 


You can choose to participate in all or some of the following projects throughout this next year - Youth Praise Team will meet from 6:15-7:00 PM on Wednesdays during each project.  You can print out a pdf version of the schedule by going to th link at the end of this page.  The project dates are: TBA at this time

Please contact Dani Lemieux, Director of Music Ministry and let her know you're interested or if you have any -questions: or 253-862-7700.