I Learned it from Dad!

fathers-day-images-from-allfamousmessages-3.jpgContinuing our theme of "How did you learn about stewardship?" here is a double-duty-honor-to-dad(s) appropriate for Father's Day coming this weekend!  Thanks to the many men of God who have stood up and shown their children as well as been an example to others who didn't have their own dad to look to!

From Lynette Neumiller:

It seems appropriate that as Father’s Day approaches I am thinking of the 2 most influential people when it comes to stewardship as being my father and my father-in-law. 

When I was growing up my dad decided to go back to school full time and become a Lutheran pastor. Needless to say with a family and only part time work while doing so, I remember life to be very frugal but a lifestyle of relying on God for every single provision. In spite of the lack of money during these 4 years of my childhood, it was never a question that the first fruits of any income were to be given to the church and global/local ministries. My parents always gave first and trusted God to provide after giving their offerings. I remember my mom saying that somehow there was always enough laundry soap even though she knew it was running out.  One Christmas we came home from church to find gifts and groceries on our front door step.  God made his presence known to me and my family so many times during these years when all we could do was pray and rely on Him. We were definitely rich in other ways.

My father-in-law was a man always giving of his time around the church facilities. When he retired he took it to a new level. Whenever called upon, he was willing to give of his time to serve God in this capacity. What even spoke more loudly to me, is when he would show up unexpected and without being scheduled or asked and do whatever he saw that needed to be done. He didn’t have much to give monetarily but maintained the grounds, made braille books for the blind ministry, hung speaker wire and speakers in the new sanctuary, helped prepare meals for the midweek children’s ministry, and countless other tasks that many times went unnoticed. I believe he wasn’t looking for any kind of recognition. He would quietly give of his time and efforts and although it was usually unnoticed or unrecognized, he just gave with a servant heart.

These 2 men and many other Christian examples have inspired me to give in many different ways and to many different ministries. I can always do better, and when I think of the examples I have had I want to be that for others.