2020 Graduates


2020 Graduates?  

Do you know of any Creator members who are graduating from High School or Post High School programs this 2020 year?  Please give any information to Terri as soon as possible so we can congratulate them on Graduation Recognition Sunday on June 14.  I also include them in the June/July Newsletter, so please include any information about scholarships, awards, or special achievements. 

This year will be very different for our High School seniors.  They are grieving the loss of their graduation ceremony, their Prom, their awards ceremonies, Senior Breakfast, and final days of sports.  So, we would like to honor them in a special way.   All congregation members are invited to share a blessing, words of advice/wisdom for these graduates.  Templates for heart, star, or graduation caps will be emailed to you.  Please fill the shape with your kind words, sign, and send back to Terri.  You can scan and email to creatorterri@comcast.net.  Deadline to return these is June 7, 2020.